HadoopFDW: PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrapper for accessing Hadoop

The Hadoop FDW (Foreign Data Wrapper) helps you to leverge the power of Hadoop from within PostgreSQL. It uses many of the latest FDW features of PostgreSQL 9.3 to give you native/optimized access to Hadoop data. Binary distributions are included as part of BigSQL.

PostgreSQL is the worlds most advanced open source RDBMS for transactionally intense OLTP applications. Hadoop is the worlds most advanced open source system for big data. The HadoopFDW bridges these two worlds and is designed to work with CDH5, HDP2, and BigSQL 9.3r2.

Our source code files are liberally licensed under either the PostgreSQL or Apache licenses.

HadoopFDW is developed and tested extensively with the latest projects from the Apache Hadoop ecosystem (Hadoop-2.2, HBase-0.96, Hive-0.13 & Cassandra-2.0).

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